Heating installations

Having an energy efficient heating system in your home or business in the UK is a necessary luxury when you are living in the United Kingdom. Depending on your currently system, the energy efficiency has significant impact on not only your overall comfort during the cold winters but also your energy bill.
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Replacing an old system can often be a wise choice, not only help you save money in the long run, but also assist in reducing your energy consumption and therefore the effect on the environment.

The main types of heating installations popular in the UK include:
  • Central heating
  • Gas central heating
  • Boilers
  • Gas boilers
  • Combi boilers
  • Central heating boilers

Gas central heating and oil central heating
Gas central heating installations are one of the most popular options for heating in the UK. It involves a gas-fired boiler which heats up water and provides a system of central heating throughout your home using radiators and hot water that are installed throughout your home. Gas is an efficient fuel option so which offers a good return for each unit of energy that you consume. It is also convenient because gas is piped in to your home directly so there is no need to worry about fuel storage.

Central heating systems are continually advancing in both design and technology. Considerable performance enhancements have been made to central heating systems over recent years. The improvements with technology have offered more efficiency to offer better value from your system. The newer central heating systems offer an ‘intelligent’ heating system that reacts to changes in temperature, and are able to provide varying amounts of warmth in each room depending on your requirements. Combined with a boiler, a central heating system can give you hot water whenever you need it. Hiring a professional heating installer can save you money and help reduce waste.

Central heating boilers, gas boilers, steam boilers, combi boilers
Boilers function by heating water in a closed-water system, which then makes hot water or steam available for generating heat. The hot water is then distributed via radiant floor systems or baseboard radiator, and steam is distributed throughout the system using pipes from steam radiators. Steam boilers use higher temperature than hot water boilers. Boilers are also undergoing considerable improvements in design and efficiency, and are becoming more cost effective every year, which means that installing a boiler can be a good decision if you wish to save money on energy bills.

Central heating grants
Many people have old systems that are not performing as well as they should or could be replaced by a more energy efficient unit. The UK government offers a grant to qualifying energy efficient central heating systems and boilers to assist in the replacement costs of a better system for your home. The central heating grants and boiler grants are under regular review and there are a number of conditions that form part of the qualification for the grant. Speak to your local heating installation specialist to find out more about the latest changes to policies and conditions around the government’s current central heating grant options. You could be eligible to receive considerable savings under the current grants that are available.

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